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Linden Lab Names Mitchell Kapor as Chairman of Board of Directors

2003-04-28 00:00:00 UTC

Linden Lab Names Mitchell Kapor as Chairman of Board of Directors

Founder of Lotus and Electronic Frontier Foundation to help guide development of emerging online society, "Second Life".

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA (April 28, 2003) - Linden Lab. announced today that it has named software pioneer Mitch Kapor as Chairman of its board of directors. A leading entrepreneur in the field of information technology and a proponent of new media, Kapor brings his expertise in forging new categories and creating platforms for communication to Linden Lab as the company begins to expand Second Life, its burgeoning online society.

"I am excited that Mitch has accepted the position of Chairman of our board of directors," said Philip Rosedale, CEO and founder of Linden Lab. "As an investor and board member Mitch has been providing guidance throughout the development of Second Life. His new role as chairman signifies a greater commitment to the work we've begun and a firm belief that Second Life is breaking new ground in the formation of online societies."

"The widespread adoption of broadband and the continued advances in personal computing technology are finally making it possible for the collective creation of an online world on a realistic scale," said Mitch Kapor. "Linden Lab's technological breakthroughs have made Second Life a truly revolutionary experience. I am delighted to be part of the future of what I believe is a new forum for collaborative creativity..

In a separate announcement, Linden LabTM announced today that its private beta test of Second Life is now open to the general public. Second Life is a burgeoning new online society, shaped entirely by its residents. Beta test participants can explore a constantly changing 3D world, create anything they can imagine, connect with friends and acquaintances, and compete for fame and fortune. The public beta follows a successful limited beta test that has been in progress since November 2002. Beginning today, anyone who wants to become part of this exciting, emerging world can begin their "Second Life" by registering at

About Linden Lab
Linden Lab was founded in 1999 by Philip Rosedale to create a revolutionary new form of shared 3D entertainment. The former CTO of RealNetworks, Rosedale pioneered the development of many of today's streaming media technologies, including RealVideo.

Based in San Francisco, Linden Lab employs a senior development team bringing together deep expertise in physics, 3D graphics and networking. Team members have previously worked for market leading companies such as Electronic Arts, Maxis, Disney, THQ, Acclaim, Hasbro, Mattel and RealNetworks.

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